Alfredo Aguilar Romanillos


Alfredo Aguilar Romanillos

2013-to the present day. Member of the Executive Board of the European Federation of Biotechnology ( Chairman of the Task Force on Bioeconomy.

1986-2012 European Commission, Brussels ( Directorate General Research and Innovation. He occupied different positions such as: Head of Unit Biotechnologies (2006-12); Head of Unit International Scientific Cooperation (2004-06); Head of Unit Applied Genomics and Biotechnology (2002-04); Head of Unit “Cell Factory” (1999-2002); Head of Unit Demonstration Projects in Life Sciences (1997-99); plus different positions as Principal Scientific Officer and Scientific Officer.

1981-1986 Associate Professor of Microbiology (Profesor Titular), University of León, Spain.

1983 Visiting Fellow, Institut für Zellbiologie, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH), Zurich.

1979-1981 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, John Innes Institute (Norwich, UK) with an EMBO fellowship.

1975-79 PhD at the Institute of Enzymology, CSIC – Department of Biochemistry, School of Medicine, University Autonomous of Madrid.

1974-75 Lever Ibérica, SA, (Unilever), Department of R&D.

Owner of 3 Japanese patents, more than 100 publications on science management and science policy, and around 85 publications on experimental research.